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I passed my Technician Class test on March 18th, 2017! Thanks to the local Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club who taught a Technician Class using the Technician Class 2014-2018 FCC Element 2 Radio License Preparation book by Gordon West. I am waiting on my Call Sign to be assigned. I am now starting to study for the General Exam and then the Extra using the same study guides by Gordon West, going through the test question pools on the ARRL site (the National Association for Amateur Radio) and taking sample tests from QRZ.


I passed my General Class test on June 10th, 2017! (missed zero I might add) Thanks again to the local Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club who again taught the General Class using the General Class 2015-2019 FCC Element 3 Radio License Preparation book by Gordon West.

Update #2:

Today, January 26th, 2019, I passed my Amateur Extra Class License exam! Again with the help from the Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club and the Extra Preparation book from Gordon West. I missed 6 out of 50 questions, One of my questions on the exam was E1E05 which is "what is the minimum passing score on any armature operator license exam?" 74% is the minimum passing score; I know I got that one right. You can miss 13 on the extra exam. I studied to much... NOT Keep taking sample tests at QRZ.com or hamexam.org you may not feel like it, but it helps!


I am looking at eHam.net at radio reviews to determine what Radio I want to buy and for what needs.

I hope to use www.ariss.org and talk to the International Space Station.

Looking to cut the cables, look at how to get Local HDTV channels at OtA DTV

FlightAware is also a fun RF project. Working on mine and you can see what I am tracking here... http://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/rednurd